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Campus Security

Reporting Crime
If you are a victim of crime or reporting a crime either on or off any of the College campuses, ALWAYS report the crime/incident to the closest Security Control Room. This can be done over the phone or in person - see Contact Us for details. Our array of reports includes Incident Reports, Personal Property Stolen Reports, College Property Stolen Reports and Lost Property Found and Claimed Reports.

Contacting the Police- 

999 for all emergency services, 101 for none emergency calls.

Police Safer Neighbourhoods Teams for QMUL campuses:    

Mile End Campus 

Bethnal Green Safer Neighbourhoods Team: 0208 7212849

Whitechapel Campus 

Whitechapel Safer Neighbourhoods Team: 0208 6493520

Charterhouse Square Campus 

Bunhill Safer Neighbourhoods Team: 0208 3450181

Lincolns Inn Field 

Holborn and Covent Garden Safer Neighbourhoods Team: 0208 7335458

A comprehensive CCTV camera system operates throughout the QMUL campuses to maintain a safe and secure environment. The cameras are monitored and the images recorded digitally in accordance with Data Protection principles. Video recordings and stills can be used as evidence of crimes committed against students, staff, guests or QMUL property.

The cameras, in conjunction with two-way radios, are highly effective in directing security staff to incidents as well as observing, following and apprehending intruders or suspected criminals.

Applications to view CCTV data can be made through any Security Control Room. Please view our CCTV Policy (pdf).

Our dedicated patrols respond promptly to any emergency calls received from a Security Control Room. Their duties also include high visibility foot patrols of the main QMUL campuses.

Alarm monitoring
All fire alarm activations or intruder alarms within the QMUL buildings report directly to the Security Control Rooms for immediate action and response.

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